Municipal Court Amnesty Program

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Municipal Court Amnesty Program

May 18, 2021

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MUNICIPAL COURT AMNESTY PROGRAM ANNOUNCED The City of Glencoe offers an Amnesty Period for May 2021 from Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm. The amnesty program provides an opportunity for those with certain municipal court changes to clear their case without concern about being physically arrested.

Amnesty is offered to all individuals who have received traffic or parking tickets, failed to appear or pay fines, and for whom warrants have been issued or pending on these charges. Anyone wishing to take advantage of this program may do so by contacting the Municipal Court. Persons may either appear in open court at the City of Glencoe Municipal Court located at 201 West Chastain Blvd., Glencoe, Alabama 35905, on May 5, 2021, @ 3 pm or May 19, 2021, @ 3 pm or present themselves to the magistrate at the Municipal Court before that date. Individuals with outstanding fines or who have failed to appear on municipal court charges are encouraged to present themselves to the court on or before the above date to seek resolution to their case.

Should any eligible individual with a warrant come into contact with law enforcement before taking advantage of this amnesty program is subject to IMMEDIATE ARREST. Only cases that the court or payable tickets have already adjudicated are eligible for warrant amnesty. Typically these are failure to pay fines or failure to appear in court.

  For information concerning the Amnesty Day Procedure, call the Court Clerks office at (256)492-1424 ext. 112 or come in person to the Court Clerks Office located at 201 West Chastain Blvd. Glencoe, Alabama.